bankIO showcase

Open banking systems make it possible to interconnect the finances of citizens and companies, and to create a myriad of new applications based on common and easily interoperable standards.

Whether we are individuals or businesses, open banking already lets us do more:

  • Instant bank payments (instant account funding and one-off payments).
  • Data-driven insights and personalised services
  • Personal finance management (finance dashboards, auto-saving and smart budgeting)
  • Smart onboarding (account and identity verification, auto-filling forms, income verification and affordability checks)

Test drive some of the applications built by us on top of the Open Banking stack:

Use cases

Financial Planner

It’s simple; your bank accounts accounts in one app.

Online Store

Enable payments in an online store directly from bank account.

Micro Loans

Put your bank transaction data to good use in a safe and secure way.