Payment links

Use Open Banking/PSD2 to generate payment links which can be shared to friends, customers, or anyone who needs to pay you.

Request-to-pay links are URLs that can be attached to emails, invoices, shared as messages (e.g. WhatsApp) or barcodes printed anywhere.

Payment links are easy

Sharing payment links is easy. Just follow these steps:



Using our APIs or Dashboard create a request-to-pay by providing the amount needed and digital receipt details, e.g. items, product description, metadata



Share the request-to-pay link attached to emails, invoices, messages (e.g. WhatsApp) or barcodes printed anywhere.



Once the payer will receive the payment link, they will choose their preffered bank, where they will give the consent for the payment initiation.


Limitless posibilities

Any business could take advantage of payment links using Open Banking/PSD2:

  • Supermarket chains
  • Petrol stations
  • Restaurants (customers could use bill splitting)
  • Public transport
  • Any other business or individual

bankIO’s payment ecosystem

Fast, safer and contactless

  • You can pay any amount per transaction, with a single scan of your phone. You have to manually confirm each transaction with Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)
  • We don’t need your card details. A mobile connection is required at the checkout, Open Banking/PSD2 APIs will be used to initiate the payment
  • You can use any account from all your banks
  • If you like, a default bank account can be configured to be always used for initiating the payments

Bank-level security

  • Your request-to-pay can only be used once - it can’t be copied or cloned.
  • If you lose your phone or if it’s stolen, you can immediately lock your account.
  • The app has two-factor authentication for additional security and is protected by PIN and fingerprint/face ID.
  • To help keep you safe, we’ll sign you out of your account if you don’t use it for a while.
  • You’ll get real time notifications every time you complete a payment so you can keep an eye on your account.

Collect loyalty points

  • Never miss out loyalty campaigns from retailers again - simply bankIO’s Open Banking/PSD2 payment methods at the checkout to pay, and collect your loyalty points in one go.
  • You can check your up to date loyalty points balance in the app.


  • You can check your payment history on the Transactions page.
  • You can keep track of how much you spend each month.